Mawuena Kattah
Aunty Matilda on Wood, 2019

Oil on wood, 25 x 35 cm

In this new series of oil paintings on wood Mawuena Kattah has created portraits of herself, her family and friends as part of her new large scale installation ‘The Meal’. This new installation, due for display in 2021, includes paintings, textiles and ceramics to create an 8 to 16 place meal setting with hand screen printed tablecloth, hand made and hand glazed vases, pitchers and dining plates.

Mawuena Kattah has been a member Intoart since 2007. Her paintings, prints, ceramics and textiles have been exhibited in major contemporary art galleries and museums in the UK, including acquisition of Kattah’s portrait paintings by the Arts Council’s National Collection in 2016 and the acquisition of her large scale ceramic tile frieze by the Victoria and Albert Museum in 2020.