Kevin Jacobs
Wolf in Snow, 2020

Oil on paper, 38 x 28 cm

2020 marks Kevin Jacobs tenth year as a member of the Intoart studio. His work reflects his eclectic interests, including but not limited to; mythology, the occult, ancient Egypt, the American west and the world at war. His work is full of narrative, where heroes and villains inhabit imaginative and dreamlike scenery. Alongside producing drawings and paintings Kevin has also created work in ceramics and textiles, some of which were exhibited as part of London Design Festival at the Victoria and Albert Museum.

Kevin’s recent works are a unique take on the still life tradition. The objects used in his arrangements often have a personal significance to Kevin and have been transformed with added details and narrative elements from his imagination. He works across a wide range of media including charcoal, coloured pastels, watercolour and oil paint.