Clifton Wright
One Forehead Bigger Then A Eye, 2020

Pastel on Paper, 42 x 59 cm

In his new series ‘Outer Space Portraits’ Clifton Wright plays with the meaning of space, referencing science fiction, astronomy and ancient iconography while simultaneously testing the limits of pictorial space.

‘The face is the most important part of the body, if you get the face right the rest will pretty much follow. It is the shapes in the face and the colours in the face that tell me what the drawing is going to be. My work is more about that abstract stuff than who the person is – a face is the starting point, but the point is the picture. I use the structure of how things slot in to the face, and continue it, like a jigsaw puzzle, across the rest of the picture.’ (Clifton Wright)

Since joining Intoart in 2005 Wright has exhibited extensively in major contemporary art galleries and museums in the UK and internationally including his most recent contribution to ‘CLOSE: Drawn Portraits’ at the Drawing Room, London 2018. In 2020 six of his portraits were purchased by the Arts Council Collection.