Christian Ovonlen
Fun Fair Ballet Russes, 2020

Pastel on paper, 48 x 64 cm

Christian Ovonlen’s work has developed from his interest in music, fashion and costume design. Christian’s use of rich, layered colours in his drawings made him the ideal artist to transition his work into the medium of textile design which culminated in both high quality garments and beautiful wall hangings. His fabric based works have since been exhibited at Peckham Craft Show and the Victoria and Albert museum as part of London Design Festival.

Christian’s latest works have been inspired by the dazzling costumes of the Ballet Russes. Building on his interest in the history of fashion and costume, he has been working in oil pastel on coloured paper to develop a series of drawings full of colour and movement that bring each costume to life.

Christian has been a member of the Intoart studio since 2013.