September 29th – October 31st


An interior designed by Andre Williams


Room For Doubt is a full scale interior bringing to life Andre Williams’ drawings of fantastical rooms. His exhibition places richly illustrated furniture, wry humoured typography and hand-crafted objects in one dazzling space.

Andre’s application of drawing and playful use of unexpected materials create illusions of perspective that draw the viewer into his world. The two cabinets overflowing with irregular patterns serve as surfaces for cardboard cut out vases of fluoro arranged flowers. The floor is given a striking covering with a hand tufted rug referencing arcade video games of the 1980’s. Masks and mirrors are recurring motifs within the room and can be found throughout, from the screen printed cushions that furnish the lounge chair to the ornately framed mirror and wooden masks that adorn the back wall. A pair of bespoke Flamingo and Woodpecker wallpapers flank the room to further intensify the space and play with perspective. The room is given a finishing touch with a set of hooks to hang a cap, jumper and scarf (all designed by Andre) as he makes himself at home….

Photography by Kristy Noble
Thanks to Tektura wallcoverings and Studio Knot bespoke handwoven rugs

Dining Room with Flower Vase
Lounge with Tropical Sofa

Pink Camouflage Cabinet
Zig Zag Cabinet
Stripy Green Chair
Tropical Leaf Sofa
Triangles Side Table
Crown and Feather Mirror