Distance Learning

22 June – 22 July

Distance Learning

Artwork made during lockdown

About the exhibition

Distance Learning brings together artwork made during lockdown while the Intoart studio was closed.

As you can see from the eye-popping work in the exhibition each artist has shown a fierce commitment to their creative practice.

Through our remote studio programme we supported artists to work from home, bringing the resources of the Intoart Studio into each artist’s home environment. 

Providing high quality artists materials and art books, adapting work spaces, working over zoom for full days together to recreate the sustained focus and energy of the Intoart Studio.

The past year has evidenced Intoart’s vital role and the value of artmaking in the lives of people with learning disabilities. 

Artworks by:
Ntiense Eno-Amooquaye | Stanley Galton | Nick Fenn
Uduehi Imienwanrin | Kevin Jacobs | Samuel Jegede
Mawuena Kattah | Christian Ovonlen | Nancy Clayton
Philomena Powell | Lisa Trim | Andre Williams
Dawn Wilson | Clifton Wright | Ishaq Beckford

About the Intoart Studio

The Intoart studio has now reopened and we are thrilled to be working with artists again onsite in Peckham. The studio has great plans for the future spanning art, design and craft. We are picking up on artist projects that were planned for 2020 and looking forward to sharing exciting new work through exhibitions, commissions, publishing and events later in the year.